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Software Engineering Interviews | Michael
Michael Weinberger
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Interview Pen was one of the highest-quality resources I used to study for my Software Engineering internship search.

Interview Pen | Software Engineering Interviews
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Data Structures & Algorithms At-a-Glance




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Exceptional Video Explanations

Challenging topics need clear, methodical, explanations. You have to do the actual math, you have to go deep into the why behind approaches.

This is why we take a ground-up approach to any concept we teach so it just “clicks” in our students’ minds.

We see every lesson as a conversation. Taking a student from beginner to advanced understanding incrementally.

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Table of Contents

Problem Introduction
Initial Thoughts
Decision Tree
Some Observations
Simulating an Optimal Game
Implementation: Simulating All Decisions
Complexities (Simulating Decisions)
Simulating Optimal Play
The Global Subproblem
Concrete Walkthrough
The Top-Level Decision
The Core Idea
Implementation: Optimal Play
Complexities (Optimal Play)

Context-Aware AI Teaching Assistant

Stuck on a problem? Curious how a solution works, or just want a deeper understanding? Talk to your own personalized AI teaching assistant.

Have a 1-1 conversation with a context-aware AI briefed on your code, the problem statement, any errors you are facing, potential solutions, & more.

24/7, 365, you can ask your assistant questions as you learn.

Content Overview

Data Structures & Algorithms Library

Time & Space Complexities Category Icon

Time & Space Complexities

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10 videos

Primitives Category Icon


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6 videos

Arrays Category Icon


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7 videos

Strings Category Icon


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8 videos

Linked Lists Category Icon

Linked Lists

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12 videos

Stacks & Queues Category Icon

Stacks & Queues

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5 videos

Trees Category Icon


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18 videos

Heaps Category Icon


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6 videos

Searching Category Icon


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5 videos

Hashtables Category Icon


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7 videos

Sorting Category Icon


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8 videos

Recursion & Backtracking Category Icon

Recursion & Backtracking

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11 videos

Dynamic Programming Category Icon

Dynamic Programming

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18 videos

Greedy Algorithms Category Icon

Greedy Algorithms

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9 videos

Graphs Category Icon


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14 videos

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Other Software Engineering interview platforms leave you confused.

We leave you enlightened.

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160+ Content Items

Fundamentals of Data Structures & Algorithms (DSA)

System Design

Live Library: 1-2 New Videos a Week

Live Coding Workspace

Multiple Programming Languages

High Quality Solutions

Intuitive & Easy-To-Follow Video Explanations

Time & Space Mathematical Breakdowns

AI Teaching Assistant

1-1 Problem Support (via Discord)

Our students get jobs at top companies

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Interview Pen played a huge role in finalizing my understanding of many concepts I faced in my technical interview rotations.

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Michael Weinberger
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Michael Weinberger
Parth Chopra
Felipe Linares
Interview Pen | Software Engineering Interviews - Michael WeinbergerInterview Pen | Software Engineering Interviews - Parth ChopraInterview Pen | Software Engineering Interviews - Felipe Linares
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Your Software Engineering Interview Toolkit

data structures & algorithms
Handpicked Problems

We teach you the most important concepts in the fewest questions. We have taught this curriculum 3-times over and weave related concepts between topics effectively.

full coding environment
Full Coding Environment

We support the most popular programming languages so you can get hands-on experience implementing solutions to each problem. The best way to learn is by doing.

AI teaching assistant chat
AI Teaching Assistant

Have a context-aware AI-assistant on standby to help you as you study. Your assistant will be aware of the problem, solutions, your workspace code, any active errors, and more. Ask it anything!

optimal solutions
Optimal Solutions

We provide solutions to all problems we teach. We start with the brute force & incrementally reach an optimal solution. Solutions are translated into multiple languages.

exceptional explanations
160+ Exceptional Explanations

We offer a sizable amount of high-signal content. Our library took nearly a year to aggregate in-full.

Live Library

We are constantly editing, pruning, & expanding our content library. Each content item takes 4-8 hours to produce. We are constantly going to work to make the library better.

1-1 problem support
1-1 Problem Support

Join our Discord to receive peer & instructor support. When you get stuck there is always someone to help you continue forward.

Time & Space Complexities, Simplified.

Every solution we offer is annotated with time & space complexity bounds.

Every video we deep dive into the full derivation of upper (and lower bounds) when necessary.

You will walk away equipped & confident in your ability to reason about any problem’s time & space complexity bounds.

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Big O Complexities






We Support Core Languages

(with support for more underway)

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